Hypnotic Affirmations Track for Children’s Self-Worth and Intuition

Rebecca Wilson


It’s our thoughts that create our beliefs and our beliefs that create our life. Our core beliefs are created between the age of 0-7 from what we see, hear and how we experience the world. Basically we are running around like little computers being programmed to be part of society. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could help your child grow into the most worthy and intuitive version of themselves! When we hear something over and over again the brain begins to build new neural pathways creating beliefs.

As a manifestation coach on of the biggest core limiting beliefs I see over and over again in adults is the belief they are not worthy enough! So imagine if from a young age you could set your child up with the CORE BELIEFS that they are good enough they are worthy just because they are! that they are lovable, intuitive, that they are powerful and amazing.

This is EXACTLY why this hypnotic track was created. When we hear something over and over again not only does it builds new neural pathways in the brain but it also creates core beliefs! Positive beliefs are empowering and help you to live a more authentic and abundant life.

About the Vendor

Hi I am Rebecca thanks for dropping by.
In my early 30’s from the outside, it seemed like I had a perfect life. I was married, had two beautiful children, and we were renovating our dream home. We had a property company, a bed and breakfast and decided to purchase a cafe.
Happy in some respects but dissatisfied and unfulfilled in other respects. Shining on the outside but empty on the inside. I keep taking on things and being busy to fill the void inside me.
Before long, my lifestyle (of trying to be the perfect positive wife and Mum while trying to people please all those around me on 5 hours sleep) started to unravel. This manifested itself through back pain, sleep deprivation and depression followed by a complete burn out. I had no idea why this was happening and I could no longer ‘hide’ my dissatisfaction for my life. Was this really it, hadn’t I been doing all of the right things I asked myself.
What I later realised, through a shit load of transformational work is that I had totally abandoned myself and my needs while putting everyone else before me. I used to feel guilty going to the hairdresser, it would take me 20 minutes to order food (only to end up ordering the wrong thing) and how come I didn’t know if I like the stupid dress or not! I was so far away from myself that my soul had to hit the skids. How did I not know after 30 years who I was and what I liked. This started to confuse the hell out of me. Why did I not know what my passion was, what was that gut feeling trying to tell me why did I always have to ask everyone else’s opinion. I mean I was eating healthy and doing positive affirmations but there was something missing and I didn’t even know where to start looking or what I was even looking for, the only thing I knew with clarity was something was missing and I wasn’t stopping until I found out what that thing actually was.
And so it began, because if you ask a question to the universe you will always get the answer. A friend randomly handed me the book The Untethered Soul (which I recommend to every human on the planet doing this thing called life) and this change the trajectory of my life! Was there more books like this? As I was reading this book I was feeling feelings inside of me I never knew existed, the veil was starting to lifted. The next months were a roller-coaster I sat in my office devouring one book after the other. I remember clearly sitting there one day while having my first dark night of the soul thinking what the fuck in my life is even real and what was created from my ego. I began educating myself in Energy Healing, Intuition, Ayurveda, Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Feng Shui, Crystals, and Spirituality. I wanted answers on how to live an authentic, abundant and fulfilling life. I never expected I was going to become a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Empowerment Coach but it seemed to encompass everything I loved and to be honest I couldn’t get enough or imagine doing anything else.
However remembering who I was came at a price. It wasn’t long before I found out my husband was having an affair (it came to me in a dream – hello intuition welcome back!) which meant a divorce up followed by a move to a new city with little money and no job where I didn’t know soul or fluently speak the language.
You see when you start to remember who you are everything that’s not in alignment with where you are going will leave your life. It was the most emotional upheaval I have ever had to deal with and there were days where I though and I going to make it through this? Well here I am with all of the tools and techniques I used to move me through life with more ease and grace.
After assisting those close to me with what I have learned, I choose to embrace this passion and establish my own business as a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Healer and I haven’t looked back. Now I get to work with women all over the world and it’s pure bliss!
Now it’s my mission and passion to guide other women around me to take their power back and remember who they really are! To support women like myself who know there is so much more but don’t even know where to start or feel guilty for even contemplating it.
Together I use all the tools and techniques that helped me, to release old patterns and limiting beliefs so you too can gain the clarity and confidence you need to follow your intuition step into your magic and manifest a life you absolutely LOVE.
No compromising, no second guessing and sure as hell not feeling guilty about wanting more!
One of the questions I get asked the most is what is it you ACTUALLY do? Well before I was a healer I was an Interior Designer and the work I do now is almost the same. I would be in and run down house for 2 seconds before I could see it in it’s full radiant beauty. I could see which walls had to go, and even how it should be decorated. Then we would start to draw up the plans and the renovation would begin. When my clients are sitting in front of me I can see them already in their full radiant beauty, living their highest potential, but just like a home sometimes there are things (trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and old stories) that need to be cleared or decluttered in order for them to be like the dream home they have always wanted!

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