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A mystical and meditative clothing line for the Priestesses, Lightweavers, Queens, Goddesses and Mystics to embody and emanate their highest frequency.


Change your frequency to change your life

If you are living on the surface, going through the motions of life wondering if there is more than good available to you… trust me GREATNESS is available to you and the world needs you to glow in your full luminosity.

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Our Mission

Our lightweaving founder, Katie created Mind Body Soul Market to gather everything that spiritually-attuned individuals need for mind, body and soul support, all in a welcoming, easy-to-navigate online space.

By connecting people with trusted brands and experts, we take the guesswork out of your awakening.

Katie’s story


our promises


We created an uncensored collective of beginners and lifelong practitioners alike, with a common vision to connect, heal and ascend.


Our customers (and our brands) reflect a diverse and beautiful human collective. All are welcome here.


Mind Body Soul Market exists to connect you with experienced and trusted guides, brands, and teachers that help you create an aligned life.