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What shipping options do you offer?

Our independent vendors indicate the shipment options at point of sale and tracking ability is dependent on the shipping options chosen.

Do you ship my order, or will it come directly from the vendor?

Our vendors ship their products directly to you.

I bought a product from one of your vendors. Can I track my shipment?

Tracking is depending on the shipping options offered by the vendor. In your purchase confirmation email, you’ll see contact information for your vendor. Please contact your vendor directly if you have any shipping questions.

I’m looking for a specific brand. How can I find it?

Click here to search our marketplace by vendor!

How long is each class?

Each class varies in length, and you can find the details listed in each class description.

Are your classes virtual or in-person?

Currently, our classes are all virtual. 

Are your classes live or pre-recorded?

Most of our classes are pre-recorded so that you can watch them (and re-watch them) at your own convenience, while some vendors offer live Zoom classes.

Are your services virtual or in-person?

Each practitioner has their own policies, and may offer virtual services, in-person services or both! See the details and contact information for the service you’re interested in, and contact the practitioner directly for details.

Do you offer a discount for bundled services or classes?

Each teacher and practitioner has the option to offer bundles or discounts! For details, see the description of the service you’re interested in. 

What’s your return policy?

Each vendor, teacher, and practitioner has their own return policy and contact information, which is listed on their brand home page. If you have specific questions and can’t find the answers, feel free to contact them directly. They love to help.

How do you select your vendors, teachers, and practitioners?

We meet with each collaborator to ensure they’re a trusted resource and will uphold the values of inclusion, connection and support. We love learning about new brands and always welcome introductions to vendors you would like to see join Mind Body Soul Market. 

I’m a business owner and I’d love to offer my goods, education or services through Mind Body Soul Market. How can I get started?

We’d love to meet with you! Simply fill out this form and select the “I’m an interested collaborator” option in the dropdown menu. We’ll get in touch with you after that.

I’m a current vendor and I need help with something. Who should I contact?

For vendor, educator, and practitioner support, head to our Vendor page.

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