Woman Revealed Coaching & Mentoring Journey with Rachel Rema

Rachel Rema


The path towards becoming a calm, awakened and passionate mom starts here. Let’s re-introduce you to the version of yourself you may have packed away when motherhood began, and is ready to come out and play. She may have different goals and different passions now, but she’s there and ready to shine.

I’m an ICF-certified holistic life coach and mindset mentor partnering with moms looking to break through distraction and get to goals faster to reveal the unique woman you are. If your patterns seem to keep you in a hamster wheel of failed goals, and worries are manifesting in your body as stress and anxiety, or you’re feeling lost in motherhood and want to get back to who YOU are…it’s time for your Big Reveal.

Journey includes:

  • 8 virtual sessions
  • 2 assessments exploring strengths and saboteurs
  • Personalized mindfulness practice, and 3 distance reiki sessions
  • Guided worksheets and homework
  • Blueprint plan for next steps

About the Vendor

Rachel Rema is a Holistic Life Coach and Reiki practitioner. She partners with modern moms feeling lost on how to cope with overwhelm and stress during motherhood and life transitions. Rachel facilitates a journey towards reclaiming your unique power and revealing your best and most authentic life.

A Florida native now living in New Jersey, USA, Rachel experienced her own intense set of life transitions after leaving a career in advertising and voiceovers in New York City, to being an at-home Mom managing international moves around the world and a set of chronic health conditions.

Rachel experienced transformative and life-changing results by working with coaches, mentors and mindfulness teachers. These experiences shone a light on her natural intuitive gifts of guidance. She immersed herself into an intensive ICF-accredited life coaching program and additionally received her ACC life coach accreditation.

Today Rachel offers private 1-to-1 coaching programs, Reiki services, Destination Women Retreats and workshops on topics such as ‘Mastering Vision Boards’ and ‘Breathing Techniques for Moments of Overwhelm’. For more info on her offerings you can find her on Instagram @RachelRemaLiving or at www.RachelRema.com

Details & Care

My journey towards ‘momma burn-out’ was pretty inevitable. Taking it all on my own shoulders. Going full steam during our family’s international moves without self-care or a connection to my body and mind. The healing began when spiritual coaches started appearing in my life. I’ve learned over the past 10 years of certification trainings, retreat workshops and self-awareness practices how to rebuild the most peaceful and purposeful life. I’ve also learned methods for digging out the saboteurs that can often get in our way of change. And these methods are absolute game-changers. 

I help you create a lifestyle firm on boundaries. A life prepped with resilience for the hard times. And then you will design a life full of love, happiness and a calm mind ready to embrace the role of loving mom and empowered woman.