The Cōllective

Cūre Wellness


An approachable way to begin your meditation practice.

The Cōllective is a space created to build your meditation practice from the ground up. This is for beginners, seasoned practitioners, and those who are just curious. Meditation is not meant to be intimidating or something you fear…it is a practice of building peace in your inner world and carving out time for just yourself. Building your trust muscle and relaxing into the practice of self love and self care. Here there is something for everyone. Short to longer meditations and journaling prompts to follow. This is YOUR practice…craft it the way that feels best to you.

About the Vendor

Meet Ashley.     Cūre Wellness founder and creator of the The Cōllective, a sacred space created to help nurture your meditation practice.   Ashley began focusing on her own health, wellness, and spiritual journey over seven years ago and that's where she fell in love with meditation and all the ways it enhanced her life. Starting small, she began with just a couple minutes a day of guided meditation and journaling to help center and rebalance herself. As time progressed and her practice became stronger, she began to experience big emotional shifts in her life which lead to the opening of Cūre Wellness Collective, the shop.   Her love of meditation and simple daily practices that help build the inner trust muscle is strong and she now enjoys focusing on walking beside those who want to explore a daily ritual that makes them feel expressive and radiant.

Details & Care

6 month access to guided meditations and journaling prompts to promote a more balanced and clear routine.