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Sarah Jenks



In our work and in our lives, we frequently meet couples that are made of two smart, successful, progressive people, but their marriage is like a time warp to the 1950’s – inequitable, passionless, toxic, and full of mistreatment.
Because of outdated roles, lack of communication, disorganization, low standards, and literally zero education on how to make marriage awesome, most people are driven to either living in a passionless, friction-filled, inequitable marriage…
Or they leave and get into another passionless, friction-filled, inequitable marriage.

Sarah Jenks has mentored and coached thousands of women over the past 11 years in cultivating purpose, identity, and a sacred life.
Her work has been featured in Forbes, Parents, Health and Success to name a few. Sarah is the founder of Whole Woman, an international community and program dedicated to healing patriarchal brainwashing and helping women be their true, fully expressed selves in the world.

Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord is a widely published, board-certified Urologist and Integrative Medicine Practitioner, and the founder of Men’s Work, an online program dedicated to men’s physical, emotional and relational health.

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Modern Marriage is the course for you if…

  • You find yourself fighting over stupid shit all the time
  • Every time one of you brings up going to therapy, the other person freaks out because they don’t want to “share” with a total stranger
  • You’re always fighting over who does what and one person feels like they’re doing everything where one feels like they’re the hero for doing something once
  • You used to really love each other, but after having kids, you feel more like business partners and less like lovers
  • One of you is doing a lot of inner work and growing, and the other person is stuck.
  • You’ve fallen in “default” roles around taking care of the house and kids