Keynotes: Tuning Your Channel to the Frequency of Your Desires

Katie Rose - Founder & CEO MBSM


Energetic Exchange upon discussion

My story is a journey of endings to new beginnings and how we can tune our personal radio station to the frequency of our desires and manifest our dream life.

The ending of my marriage and the ending of my 18 year career as an Executive at a Fortune 100 retailer was both the unraveling & liberation. My intuition told me living inside the box of an unfulfilling relationship and the glass office was constricting and small, but my mind kept me in a state of stagnation — fearing walking away from the know and secure. Yet, I always had an inner knowing I was designed for more than squeezing myself into the expectations of other peoples boxes.

My journey is about breaking myself free from all the constraining boxes and rewriting my neural pathways out of fear, lack, scarcity and into abundance, freedom, love, grounded-ness and bliss! Today I share my wisdom on quieting the mind (our human self) and letting our sweet hearts (our divine self) lead the path forward, trusting our intuition.

If your audience is ready to shift into a higher frequency to manifest their dreams, please contact me at Katie@mindbodysoulmarket.com or DM me on Insta @iamkatiefink 💖

About the Vendor

Prior to becoming a Frequency Strategist Katie spent 18 years as a Fortune 100 Retail Executive leading large cross-functional teams for global brands.

Today Katie is the Soul Lead CEO of Mind Body Soul Market, a published co-authored of the best selling book ‘Turning Point – Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within’ and the artist/designer behind her high frequency clothing label Love Lillett.

Katie is passionate about helping her clients to heal their relationship with the hustle by quieting the mind and accessing their next level of self mastery through the heart, so they can experience abundance, create significant impact through their work and feel fulfilled and empowered in all areas of their life.

Above all else, Katie’s clients love working with her because she deeply understands the power of living from the heart and mastery of energy, she has powerfully transformed through her own personal, entrepreneurial & leadership journey.

“The magic to awaken the divine is simply to turn inward – it all resides in you!” ~ Katie Fink

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