InHer Work – 3 Month Membership

Divine Vitality


1:1 Coaching for women to create blissful relationships and inner peace by learning to navigate boundaries and build healthy awareness & communication habits. We’ll deep dive into your Human Design so you can try tools that will work the first time to decondition & align.

We will meet 3x each month for your 60-minute coaching calls. You also get access to my support M-F on Voxer for ongoing support around emotions, communication and boundaries.  Bonuses include Full Human Design Reading, monthly Moon reading, free attendance to all workshops.

About the Vendor

Hi, I’m Jenn! I help conscious women break vicious relationship patterns to decondition & heal core family relationships for divinely vital living. It is my passion to help spiritual entrepreneurs find the vital universe within to rediscover their divine vitality & live an aligned life through Human Design. Through studying psychology, counseling & art therapy, and working 10 years in clinical settings, I wanted to expand outside the lines of therapeutic treatment to help more people. After receiving licenses for Mental Health Counseling (LCPC, LMHC) in multiple states and becoming a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), I use this experience to progress you through your struggles. As a 3/5 Emotional Projector, I’ve always felt passionate about helping others. It lights a fire underneath me to see you transform into someone who feels confident in your relationship with yourself, and others! This is a lifelong journey. I help you slow down to learn to intentionally communicate in an effective way to feel heard & seen. You will find ways to manage emotions like anxiety, frustration & overwhelm. I help you explore, establish & enforce boundaries with yourself and others, to feel respected and not burnt out. Taking a deep look at how you’re feeling and communicating will let us know where & how YOU can set Boundaries. I use my expertise in mental health & critical thinking to SEE what you need to feel successful, satisfied, less stressed & confident!

Details & Care

Vicious relationship patterns come out in ALL relationships! Partners, family members, friends & even in business.  In all of these, you continue to give & give to others, draining your energy, leaving your cup empty, feeling frustrated & depleted.  All you’re thinking is “Wow! I do so much for other people, why isn’t it the same for me?”

This 3-month experience is an integration of mental health, Human Design, and creative/out-of-the-box coaching and support.


Through our work together, you’ll be able to: 

  • Pause to think & choose to respond instead of reacting
  • Feel safe, seen, and heard when communicating
  • Set strong boundaries that support YOU & others around you
  • Have awareness of your thoughts and emotions without overwhelm
  • Become a master of communication in your relationships to clearly communicate emotions
  • Have mutually trusting relationships
  • Confidently saying NO to what is not aligned

When you are introduced to an entirely new level of communication & boundary setting, this is what that will look like.