I Beat Chronic Pain 60 Day Program



Are you in your 40’s and have chronic pain or another persistent health problem?
 Do you struggle or feel alone?
Are you being repeatedly driven to seek escape and control through medication, interventions and therapies?
Has pain become the most dominant part of your life?
This program is suitable for women in their 40’s who want to eliminate never ending chronic pain, as a direct experience from a health condition that is big or small, short- term or long term, in recovery or caring for others.
I-BEAT CHRONIC PAIN program has helped women living with injuries such as Whiplash, back, and joint pain, Chronic pelvic pain, Chronic migraines, Endometriosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, ME, Parkinson’s, Chronic pain from Scar tissue, Neuropathy and many other health conditions.

About the Vendor

In 2016, I realised I had tried many different pain treatments, only to obtain short term pain relief. I decided to take back control attending numerous courses and training in MBPM
 ( Mindfulness based pain management ) I realised I was pain catastrophizing and had unrelenting suffering. After working through these I was finally able to open up to new experiences and get back to pursuing everyday activities.
I decided to make a career out of helping women just like me, I became an MBPM coach to guide women through the same transformation that I had!
I have now many years experience of engaging with pain using mindfulness based pain management strategies
I am here to encourage and guide you through a mind – body approach to healing.
I have supported many women in shifting from anger and fighting with pain to becoming accepting and compassionate to pain.
Drawing on my own experience, struggles and discoveries in exploring mindfulness meditation, as well as buddhism, natural medicine, neuroscience, mindful movement and yoga.
Learn how to apply the principles and practice of mindfulness to living with chronic pain, with techniques that you can learn yourself and practise to continuously enhance your own health.

Details & Care

Join the weekly live virtual learning session. Listen to audio clips and read learning materials for each week – at a time that suits you.
Practise with the meditations – ten minutes twice a day, for six out of seven days, over the 60 days of the program.
Do a ‘habit releaser’ practice each week – these are very brief, often fun practices that help release us from unhelpful ways of being, and introduce a bit of mindful awareness through our days.
Talk to your trainer via the 1:2:1 forum about how you’re finding the program and how the meditations, mindfulness, and compassion practices are affecting your health and general well-being.

#1 A complimentary copy of the award winning ‘Mindfulness for Health’ Book by Vidyalma Burch and Danny Penman a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing, is used as a accompaniment to the program

#2 Clear, up – to – date and scientific weekly step by step guidance to help you through your suffering with chronic pain. Packed with resources, PDF’s, Youtube clips, neuroscience and compassion based practices.

#3 Eight one hundred and twenty minute 1:2:1 virtual mentoring sessions, each weekly session is designed to build on the next, guiding you through each step of the way.

#4 A series of 8 short meditations, available in MP3 files or downloaded from soundcloud which enable you to move in closer, investigate the chronic pain, with friendliness and curiosity, witnessing the automatic tendency of the mind.

#5 Guidance and support on how to establish an ongoing, self motivated home practice which is the integral and crucial element of the program.

#6 The 60 Day program is skillfully convened through the use of interactive personal inquiry, including explicitly drawing out key learning and allowing it to emerge implicitly.

#7 Introducing a weekly pacing and baseline dairy as a way to be able to do the things we want to do over time, rather than a way of limiting our activities in the moment.

#8 Mindful movement digital pack containing a series of gentle free flowing mindful movement practices, which are especially useful if you have become less mobile or even scared of moving. These are not exercises in the traditional sense, more an emphasis on the quality of movement as opposed to stretching or maintaining a position.

#9 Unlimited Support throughout the program. Got questions or need my feedback on the program content or home practice. You’ll be required to make a post in the 1:2:1 forum daily, during the 60 days, and I will be available Monday -Friday to ask me anything ( I will respond in one business day)

#10 This Program is eight consecutive weeks( 60 Days) featuring one virtual 1:2:1 mentoring session booked at the same time each week (120 mins in length)