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Divine Vitality


Meet 1:1 to work together to deep dive into your unique Design.

We’ll meet virtually for 90 minutes to discuss your unique Human Design. Through looking closely at your Type, Authority, Strategy, Centers, Gates & Channels.

You’ll be asked information about your birth in the Form when purchasing so please know your Date of Birth, Place of Birth & Exact Time of Birth.

After purchasing you’ll receive link to schedule.

About the Vendor

Hi, I’m Jenn! I help conscious women break vicious relationship patterns to decondition & heal core family relationships for divinely vital living. It is my passion to help spiritual entrepreneurs find the vital universe within to rediscover their divine vitality & live an aligned life through Human Design. Through studying psychology, counseling & art therapy, and working 10 years in clinical settings, I wanted to expand outside the lines of therapeutic treatment to help more people. After receiving licenses for Mental Health Counseling (LCPC, LMHC) in multiple states and becoming a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), I use this experience to progress you through your struggles. As a 3/5 Emotional Projector, I’ve always felt passionate about helping others. It lights a fire underneath me to see you transform into someone who feels confident in your relationship with yourself, and others! This is a lifelong journey. I help you slow down to learn to intentionally communicate in an effective way to feel heard & seen. You will find ways to manage emotions like anxiety, frustration & overwhelm. I help you explore, establish & enforce boundaries with yourself and others, to feel respected and not burnt out. Taking a deep look at how you’re feeling and communicating will let us know where & how YOU can set Boundaries. I use my expertise in mental health & critical thinking to SEE what you need to feel successful, satisfied, less stressed & confident!

Details & Care

You’ll receive the link to schedule call via email after purchase.

It is your responsibility to schedule your call within 3 months of purchase.  Please reach out if you have difficulty finding a time that works for you and I will do my best to accommodate.

I pull your Human Design chart from www.myhumandesign.com.  I recommend pulling your own chart to look at before our time together.