Holistic Health Coaching Workbook

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you stuck somewhere along your wellness and healing journey and don’t know which step to take next? The type of health coaching that I practice is Holistic; where I provide me clients a safe, welcome and loving space to take stock, address their desires and needs, create goals and take achievable steps together. Part therapy, part nutritional counselling, part accountability this method of health coaching is authentic, nurturing and healing. Each session is tailored to your needs and is individual and unique to you. Should you choose to work together then I am blessed to be part of your journey using Holistic Health Coaching. Thank you!
This stand alone work book helps you work on one focus area at a time. The workbook is part of my Holistic Health Coaching one on one service which you can find in the services section of Mind Body Soul.


About the Vendor

I am a certified Healing Touch therapist. I practice in Toronto, Ontario but can travel for clients. Healing Touch is an excellent modality to perform as distance healing and I often have clients preferring to do a session online. Despite its name, more often than not no touch is actually part of the work, rather I hold my hands a few inches above you within your auric field. This gentle, non-invasive therapy is truly a wonder. I am repeatedly in awe of the medicine it can provide to my clients. Often this modality and its healing properties, go hand in hand with my apothecary work as well as my Holistic Health Coaching. I hope to encourage you on your healing journey and to meet you soon!

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