Unleashing Wild Joy

Healing with Joy


  • Energy Medicine
  • Group Healing
  • Intuitive & Dharma Guidance
  • Nutrition & Herbal Guidance

About the Vendor

Joyana Hunt is an intuitive, Certified Meditation Teacher who has studied dharma, nutrition, herbalism, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, flower remedies, energy medicine, neuroscience, manifestation and tarot for over a decade.

Joy was born with an innate intuition and ability to perceive and connect with the energetic world around her (animals, humans, plants). She sees the invisible strings that connect the matrices of life, and weaves them together blending ancient, conventional and esoteric wisdom. In her practice, she creates a container for one’s shadow and subconscious self to rise into a loving, integrated, conscious state while clearing energetic blocks, creating alignment between mind, body & spirit.


Details & Care

Hi! I’m Joyana (Joy). I’m an intuitive holistic healer, certified Usui Reiki practitioner and certified Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher living in New York City.

I was born deeply sensitive and attuned to the energies in and around us (plants, animals, people). When I was seventeen my deep interest in holistic healing and the metaphysical/esoteric realm blossomed, and I began studying/practicing every healing modality I could find. I quickly learned that this realm mixed with helping others unblock/unlock their own healing is what fills my heart with deep joy.

In my wellness practice today, I blend a custom mix of modalities* to meet each individual client or groups’ specific needs from cleansing the individual or collective Qi/energy to transforming one’s perceived blocks/challenges into exciting, expansive opportunities.


*energy healing, dharma, intuitive guidance, meditation, neuroscience, manifestation, nutrition, herbalism, human design, astrology, love cards, tarot & palm reading