Distant Reiki and The 24 Deck by Lynn Mull

The 24 Deck

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Experience distant reiki and the beautiful oracle deck: The 24 Deck by Lynn Mull for a MBSM special price.

Distance Reiki helps to reduce anxiety, releases tension and allows for better sleep, increased manifestation and goal setting. Level up through vulnerability and energy release.

The Twenty Four Oracle Deck is infused with Reiki Energy to help you gain clarity and a closeness to all three of your energy centers – mind, body, spirit.

The deck includes:
A set of 24, reiki infused oracle cards
An additional 7 chakra aligned “&” cards
A booklet to guide you through each card
A box for the deck and booklet

About the Vendor

Lynn is a Reiki Master, Certified Coach and Wall Street Alum. Her work is both with individuals, groups and teams.

Lynn is available Tuesdays from 8-2 pm ET or Saturdays 8-9am ET.

Details & Care

The Twenty Four Oracle Deck is my Reiki infused gift to you as you begin a new intention-setting practice or supplement your existing rituals. My wish is for you to feel supported, balanced, and aligned with your purpose a little more with each moment when you use these cards. Outside of the daily hustle and noise of real life, my hope is that you center yourself using this Oracle deck to remove stressors long enough to hear your intuition. From that intuitive place, making decisions and moving towards your path are much easier. When we find ease, we grow in confidence and manifest our goals.

These Oracle cards’ designs are intended to evoke something deep from within your body, mind, or from spirit to restore clarity in all areas of your life. Each card you view, carry with you, or place under your pillow at night is embedded with Reiki Energy. This universal light and Energy can lower stress and chaos, and in return reduce the negative Energy that can lead to illness, dis-ease or anxiety.

The Reiki Infused 24 Oracle Deck Reiki (pronounced “Ray- key”) means universal Energy. Reiki is still a budding healing practice in western cultures but has been used for centuries in eastern cultures, starting with its roots in Japan. My personal Reiki lineage can be drawn to the Japanese founder, Mikao Usui (1865- 1920), and Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) a Japanese-American who brought Reiki to Hawaii and eventually to my own Los Angeles-based Reiki Masters. Reiki is for all living things – humans, mother earth, plants, animals. It is not a religion but a healing wellness art that works with your internal Energy, concentrated in chakras and breath, while simultaneously acting as a spiritual connector to a higher universal life force. By placing the hands over the body, and through breathwork and visualization, Reiki is used to heal and lower stress and anxiety to create calm. From a calm place, even if for five minutes in a day, clarity can rise to help you make decisions and manifest goals with greater ease. There are three Energy centers in Reiki practices – the upper, middle, and lower. The upper center calls forth the intuition that is within us. Slowing down through Reiki allows us to hear our intuition, specifically in our bodies, behind our brow in our third eye chakra. The middle Energy center brings universal Ki, or heaven and earth, to our individual purpose. The middle is aligned to the heart chakra in our chest. Quieting the mind long enough to sense our passions enables our goals to be realized. Finally, the lower Energy center connects mother nature’s Ki to our own bodies. This is a direct line from the earth’s Energy to our sacral chakra, which is found in our abdomens. Put simply, our Energy connects to our human bodies, the grounding Energy of mother nature and to spirit to brighten our own intuition.