Distance Healing Touch Therapy

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Originally developed by nurses to help alleviate patient pain, Healing Touch is a profound, beautiful and authentic form of healing energy work. It is my preferred physical healing modality and my absolute passion. I love helping people achieve their health goals with this gentle and grounding therapy. In a typical session I attune myself to your energy (or energy imbalances) and help direct healing energy into the area(s) needed. Clients report feeling less pain, a sense of peace, and less anxiety. This energy has been known to help your body heal wounds and process trauma. I help to channel that healing energy and your body does the rest. The session is 45 minutes long with 15 minutes either side for pre and post treatment consultation.

For more information please read this excellent description from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai:



About the Vendor

I am a certified Healing Touch therapist. I practice in Toronto, Ontario but can travel for clients. Healing Touch is an excellent modality to perform as distance healing and I often have clients preferring to do a session online. Despite its name, more often than not no touch is actually part of the work, rather I hold my hands a few inches above you within your auric field. This gentle, non-invasive therapy is truly a wonder. I am repeatedly in awe of the medicine it can provide to my clients. Often this modality and its healing properties, go hand in hand with my apothecary work as well as my Holistic Health Coaching. I hope to encourage you on your healing journey and to meet you soon!

Details & Care

Distance healing allows flexibility for both client and practitioner as well as full safety. Often the client reports even stronger feelings of deep relaxation and pain release during distance sessions because of the session occurring from the comfort of their own home they have the ability to completely let go. Intake and post session is the same as in person; 45 minute session but with 15 minutes either side for consultation. You will receive an email inviting you to book your session via Owl Practice.