Corporate Program: Optimizing Your Teams Personal Presentation with Image Intelligence

Imagine Intelligence


Whether you’re looking to optimize your teams’ personal presentations, groom your rising stars for executive roles or simply provide a unique service for employees at any level, our customizable programming goes beyond the employee handbook to put a face on image.

Formats can include:

  • Groups up to 10 people
  • One-on-one coaching in or out of the office
  • On line shopping resources

About the Vendor

Starting from the outside in, Stephanie’s image consulting startup, Image Intelligence, helps men and women in refining their personal presentation in order to meet their life goals.  By suporting them through one on one coaching, she helps her clients own their own confidence and be the person they truly want to be. Stephanie uses the knowledge she gained while holding executive roles at fashion brands like Vogue and Gentleman’s Quarterly to assist individuals and corporate teams to level up their personal brand to be more more memorable and sought after. Her guidance helps to craft a unique story for each client or team. This provides a platform for giving people the tools to feel both elevated, positive and proud while making a meaningful contribution to their business.

While running Image Intelligence, Stephanie is also a full-time parent, married and carries her core values of integrity, generosity, and community over to her work with multiple philanthropic organizations. Stephanie is a woman of inspiration, advocating for self-worth and empowerment, even during changes in work life during this pandemic.

When collaborating with Stephanie, she helps women and men:

  • Realize their self worth
  • Reclaim time in their life
  • Have more influence in their personal and professional lives
  • Advance their careers
  • Craft a unique story and presentation that elevates their joy and self-esteem

In addition to elevating the confidence of individuals, Stephanie has served on the boards of the:

  • Stifel Paralysis Research Foundation and Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation
  • National Charity League
  • Big Sisters of Boston Development and Fashion Show Committees
  • Dress for Sucess of Boston
  • Wellesley Junior Women’s Club

Stephanie also leads various workshops each year that focus on understanding why style and communication impact ones professional presence. She has collaborated with:

  • Entity Academy
  • Acceleration Partners

Details & Care

Meet Image Intelligence, a full-service image consulting firm servicing corporate entities who are motivated to help employees to create an outward image that mirrors his or her professional and personal accomplishments—not to mention the desired face of your brand.