Calendar Clarity Call (90 Minutes)

Productivity Pixie


Calendar Clarity is ideal for Motivated Professionals who are seeking targeted support to get a grip on their work habits and time management so work is efficiently handled and life is thoroughly enjoyed.

Time & Task Management isn’t about fitting MORE stuff into your day. It’s knowing what belongs on your priority list & in your calendar to match your natural rhythms to stay focused for success.

With a powerful combination of strategy, listening, & experience, Lisa and her Calendar Clarity Call will support you in:

  • Exploring your CURRENT calendar to see what’s working & what’s not
  • Identifying what your Dream Calendar FEELS & LOOKS like
  • Taking audit of daily/weekly/monthly tasks
  • Learning how to set REALISTIC priorities that structure time to be congruent with goals & lifestyle

About the Vendor

Lisa helps busy professionals relax into Clarity, Confidence, & Organization through Task & Calendar Management!


  • Virgo/Projector
  • Recovering people pleaser, overthinker, & perfectionist who is now devoted to living authentically for herself 
  • LOVES music! ( Current jam, Wet Dream ~ Wet Leg)
  • Has personally practiced the calendar management strategies she teaches for 6+ years. This is THE reason why she has been able to stay sane and RESTED while running a biz, being a single mom, going on adventures, being an active friend /family member, and having alone time.

Details & Care

This session is versatile! A few examples:

  • Weekly while preparing for a launch season
  • Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Yearly Session
  • Used for planning: vacations, summer, tours, maternity leave, retirement, a collaboration project, an expansion strategic period, bringing on team, monthly/yearly biz management, team management training, on & on

Ready to relax into Clarity, Confidence, & Organization through Task & Calendar Management? Schedule your Calendar Clarity Call!