Awaken the Divine®: Vision Boarding Workshop LIVE (10.19.22)

Rachel Rema


A part of our Awaken the Divine® Series, we offer you a Vision Boarding Workshop with Rachel Rema on Wednesday, October 19th at 12pm ET.

Vision Boarding continues to trend. Why? It works! Studies have shown that 82% of small biz owners that use one report that they accomplish more than HALF of their goals. This master class will share the secret of what a ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ goal is versus a ‘Vague’ goal. For the seasoned visualizer and the ‘Vision beginner,” let’s explore why they work and how to begin. Rachel Rema is an ICF-certified holistic life coach and mindset mentor with a special passion for to-do lists, time management, breath work and visioning!

About the Vendor

Have you found yourself asking these questions, lately?

Where should I take my life, next?

Why is my routine no longer working for me?

Why can’t I seem to get a foothold on starting to achieve my dreams?

What is standing in my way?

We’ve all asked these internal questions at some time in our lives. As a holistic coach, I am here to help you analyze and gain further insight into your journey and find the life that works for you.

I was just like you. Constantly searching for answers to why I felt incomplete with a seemingly abundant life on the outside. Why wasn’t I happy and thriving?

With two boys in school, I began transitioning back into the workforce, but nothing I found was the right fit. I was at a crossroads in life with constant anxiety and feeling misaligned with my life’s purpose. I volunteered for everything, filled my calendar to the brim, but still wasn’t fulfilled. I knew that I was going to have to take a risk, and take control of my own narrative.

The answers weren’t evident, but I was ready to learn.

The journey began towards physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through a variety of ways. I saw acupuncturists, gurus, yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, shamans, teachers, meditation masters, and COACHES. All offered important pieces of a puzzle that was slowly finding its shape. Those inner questions were getting louder and in that new space of guidance, I was ready to listen. The call to a life's purpose, helping others, was crystal clear. I completed an ICF-accredited Holistic Coaching certification. Now in my work, the life-changing results I see in my clients affirm that choice every day!

More About Rachel

Born in Florida, I have lived all over the world before landing in New Jersey. I worked in media and advertising in New York before moving with my family to London for over three years.  I have a deep love for the arts, I am a passionate traveler and love to experience all that various world cultures can offer. I can enjoy a good cry (induced by music and broadway shows) or a good laugh with my dear friends. Health and wellness exploration has connected me with clean eating and sustainability efforts to conserve and protect our earth, where you’ll find me volunteering with my family. Hiking trails with my two boys, snuggling my cat, diving into meditation and immersing myself into other profound self-exploration books always keep the cup filled!

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