Awaken the Divine® Series & Ritual Box

Katie Rose - Founder & CEO MBSM

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Revitalize your spirit and reignite your joy with our curated collections of sacred teachings, rituals, and products. 

Our 7-week series is developed in collaboration with our trusted Mind Body Soul spiritual partners. Gain deeper connection with your inner self, a greater sense of purpose and a more joyful, free flowing life. The series is a perfect pairing with the Awaken the Divine® Ritual Box.


  • September 21st: Shine hosts Clearing and Manifesting Workshop
  • September 28th: Jenn hosts Human Design Workshop
  • October 5th: Maura hosts Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • October 12th: Tess hosts Financial Wellness Master Class
  • October 19th: Rachel hosts Vision Boarding
  • October 26th: Jenny hosts Self Seduction
  • November 2nd: Paul hosts Peace of Mind for A Peaceful Life

Ritual Box:

7 soul-enriching gifts including our Divine amulet, Muse Tarot, Compassion oil, inspirational journal, Labradorite Crystal and more will transform the way you experience the world around you.

About the Vendor

Live a life of meaning, empowerment and abundance. 

Being truly alive is a gift. When you give to yourself and others from a place of nourishment, you can change the world. These 7 teachings will reconnect you to your inner wisdom and heart’s desires.

Details & Care

Awaken the Divine may be for you if you:

  • are ready to step deeper into your identity as a divine human
  • have a desire to step out of what is familiar into new way of living
  • want to explore new spiritual practices
  • believe you are meant for something more in life
  • surviving in a state of depletion and craving nourishment 
  • feel in need of a refresher in life to reignite your inner flame
  • are ready to live a life of abundance