Awaken the Divine® Ritual Box

Katie Rose - Founder & CEO MBSM


*Shipping 12.15.2022*

Reclaim your magic in the sanctity of your own home with our Awaken the Divine Ritual Box. 7 soul-enriching gifts including our Divine amulet, Muse Tarot, Compassion oil, inspirational journal, Labradorite Crystal and more will transform the way you experience the world around you.

Awaken the Divine Ritual Box may be for you if you:
-Are ready to begin new spiritual practices
-Are in need of self-nourishment
-Want to build an environment that nurtures your spirit
-Crave a daily spiritual practice
-Are eager to discover soul-aligned and highly-vetted brands

About the Vendor

Details & Care

The Muse
Tarot & Card Holder
Expect magic, exploration, and inspiration. The Muse Tarot will illuminate your path towards inspiration and magic to deliver messages from the source of creation. Its detailed guidebook contains card meanings, poetry, and word prompts to offer insight into your readings while stoking the sparks of your creativity.

Light of Ki
Awaken the Divine Amulet
Amulets have been around since the first humans awoke to the power of their imagination. Inscribed with powerful spells given to us by a master medicine man, this amulet is powered by your Ki life energy (氣) its palo santo energy and your intention to invite you to connect your inner knowing. Experience the miracles that unfold.
Pause Play Wellness

‘I am Intuitive’ candle
Pause Play Wellness
Slow down with a relaxing twenty-minute third eye chakra meditation or become more energized with a three-hour soulful playlist offered with this gift. Amethyst and Clear Quartz open your third eye and increase spiritual enlightenment while soft orchid floral notes and sea salt infused with orange oil, jasmine, and tonka bean calm you as you speak your affirmation: I am intuitive. My inner knowing is a guide that I can trust and it leads me with clarity, inspiration, and purpose.

The Emerald Temple
Compassion Oil
A lavish blend of lavender, Bulgarian rose, bergamot, black pepper, rose-geranium and spearmint to release heaviness and welcome compassion. Use over your heart, down your arms to your wrists and anywhere you feel heaviness in your body, calling forth the Emerald Ray of Compassion with a sacred mantra.

Labradorite Crystal
Ethically Sourced in Madagascar
A stone of transformation, your Labradorite will be intuitively chosen for you. A useful companion through change, it imparts strength and perseverance. Symbolizing both The Moon and The Sun, its protective qualities can aid you on your journey of ascension, offering you intuition and vitality along your path toward destiny, faith and harmonious action.

Goddess Provisions
Altar Cloth
Enrich your sacred space with this nature-loving indigo altarpiece. Handmade in Bali with earth magic using 100% organic plant-dyed fabric and crystal-infused Selenite ink, this cloth is perfect for wrapping your cards to protect them on the metaphysical and physical levels. Adorn your altar or hang your cloth as a calming, grounding tapestry.

Women Owned, Tree Free Paper
Journal (Fair Trade from Nepal)
Write, dream, reflect, manifest and share your gratitude. This beautiful journal is wrapped in a recycled sari silk cover and made from environmentally sustainable, tree-free, lokta paper. Keep it by your bedside or slip it into your bag for moments of inspiration on the go.