The Awaken
the Divine®

Revitalize your spirit and reignite your joy with our curated collections of sacred teachings and rituals.

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Craving more joy but feeling stuck?

It’s easy to settle into old patterns of boredom and familiarity. But now is your
time to feel alive. Honor yourself with openness to new possibilities and awaken to an abundant life.

Our Divine Offerings

Discover spiritual abundance. Dive into our 7 week series of divine courses led by our expert practitioners and illuminate your path to deep nourishment with healing self-care rituals.

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awaken the divine®

7 week Series


awaken the divine®

Ritual Box


awaken the divine®

7 week series and Ritual Box

Awaken the divine® series

Refresh your spirit with nourishing teachings that will spark your inner flame.

Our 7-week series is developed in collaboration with our trusted Mind Body Soul partners. Gain deeper connection with your inner self, a greater sense of purpose and a more joyful, free flowing life. Leave with tools for sustainable nourishment.

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Live a life of meaning,
empowerment and abundance.

Being truly alive is a gift. When you give to yourself and others from a place of nourishment, you can change the world. These 7 teachings will reconnect you to your inner wisdom and heart’s desires.

Awaken the Divine® may be for you if you:

  • are ready to step deeper into your identity as a divine human
  • have a desire to step out of what is familiar into new way of living
  • want to explore new spiritual practices
  • believe you are meant for something more in life
  • surviving in a state of depletion and craving nourishment
  • feel in need of a refresher in life to reignite your inner flame
  • are ready to live a life of abundance

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In Awaken the Divine®
you’ll learn how to:

move from depleted to nourished

listen to your inner voice

live more joyfully

reignite your inner flame

meet new practitioners and embrace new ideas

nurture your body, mind and soul

How it

Beginning on September 21, you’ll participate in 7 soul sessions with our practitioners, such as Manifest with the Sun, Human Design Workshop, Financial Wellness Masterclass and Sacred Sexuality.

  • Wednesdays at 12pm EST
  • 7 live virtual sessions
  • replays available
  • perfect for beginners and experienced soul travelers

inside the series

Discover the next chapter of your spiritual journey with our trusted guides.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

When: 10-5-22

With: Maura Farragher

I would lead the Workshop with Mediation & Visualisation around grounding and Balancing our energy field that’s ideal even for beginners and easy to incorporate in every day life this would be 10 to 15 minutes. I would also like to talk about Healing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries around Work and Family. Developing Self love and healthy boundaries to heal old Relationships or release them, attract new ones that will bring connection, happiness and love into your life!

Financial Wellness Master Class

When: 10-12-22

With: Tess Waresmith

Investing isn’t complicated, it’s just unfamiliar. It’s simpler than you think.Whether you’re brand new to investing or you have some investments, I’ll teach you what you need to know to grow your wealth overtime. It’s time to build your wealth using simple investment strategies that put you on the path to retire comfortably or even early.

Human Design Workshop

When: 9-28-22

With: Jenn Grenier

Learn about your unique Human Design & uncover your True Self. We’ll discuss the 5 Energy Types, Self & Not-Self Themes, Strategy & so much more! You’ll learn more about yourself, your energy & how to begin finding alignment for a life of bliss & ease. Come with your human design chart using any of the free sites (ex. myhumandesign.com)

Clearing and Manifesting Workshop

When: 9-21-22

With: Sunshine Beeson

In our day-to-day living, we are exposed to and accumulate so much energy that is not even ours! Whether there are physical pains, relationship discord or emotional struggles, our body, mind, and soul fills up like a packed suitcase with no breathing room. We will be doing a process to first clear the energy centers of known and unknown energetic debris, then we will do my special manifesting procedure. The Manifestation Sun Technique will have you fine tune with deeper clarity what you would like to create in your life. It will be a fun step by step process that will open up your receivership channels!

Vision Boarding

When: 10-19-22

With: Rachel Rema

Vision Boarding continues to trend. Why? It works! Studies have shown that 82% of small biz owners that use one report that they accomplish more than HALF of their goals. This master class will share the secret of what a ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ goal is versus a ‘Vague’ goal. For the seasoned visualizer and the ‘Vision beginner,” let’s explore why they work and how to begin. Rachel Rema is an ICF-certified holistic life coach and mindset mentor with a special passion for to-do lists, time management, breath work and visioning!

The Art of Self Seduction

When: 10-26-22

With: Jenny Dale

What do you fell when you hear the word? Can you imagine what it might be like to learn to flirt, play, tempt, and seduce yourself? Learn to see yourself the way a lover sees you.

Peace of Mind for A Peaceful Life

When: 11-2-22

With: Paul Sahota

Join me for my 3 Step Process – Acknowledge, Action, Ascension. Create a balanced and fulfilled life. Through imagination and visualization, every thought comes to your reality. Your power is in choosing, to have a life by your design and not by default.

Start your 7-week spiritual awakening.

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Awaken the Divine® Ritual Box

Illuminate, explore and inspire your Divine Spirit.

Reclaim your magic in the sanctity of your own home with our Awaken the Divine® Ritual Box. 7 soul-enriching gifts including our Divine amulet, Muse Tarot, Compassion oil, inspirational journal, Labradorite Crystal and more will transform the way you experience the world around you.

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Begin and end your day with life-giving rituals.

Rituals allow you to pause, explore and rediscover the harmony within. Tune into your Divine Source with the help of thoughtfully created gifts that promote calm, clarity and magic.

Awaken the Divine®

Ritual Box may be for you if you:
  • are ready to begin new spiritual practices
  • are in need of self-nourishment
  • want to build an environment that nurtures your spirit
  • crave a daily spiritual practice
  • are eager to discover soul-aligned and highly-vetted brands

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What’s In The Box

The Muse

Tarot & Card Holder

Expect magic, exploration, and inspiration. The Muse Tarot will illuminate your path towards inspiration and magic to deliver messages from the source of creation. Its detailed guidebook contains card meanings, poetry, and word prompts to offer insight into your readings while stoking the sparks of your creativity.

Light of Ki

Awaken the Divine® Amulet

Amulets have been around since the first humans awoke to the power of their imagination. Inscribed with powerful spells given to us by a master medicine man, this amulet is powered by your Ki life energy (氣) its palo santo energy and your intention to invite you to connect your inner knowing. Experience the miracles that unfold.

Pause Play Wellness

‘I am Intuitive’ candle

Slow down with a relaxing twenty-minute third eye chakra meditation or become more energized with a three-hour soulful playlist offered with this gift. Amethyst and Clear Quartz open your third eye and increase spiritual enlightenment while soft orchid floral notes and sea salt infused with orange oil, jasmine, and tonka bean calm you as you speak your affirmation: I am intuitive. My inner knowing is a guide that I can trust and it leads me with clarity, inspiration, and purpose.

The Emerald Temple

Compassion Oil

A lavish blend of lavender, Bulgarian rose, bergamot, black pepper, rose-geranium and spearmint to release heaviness and welcome compassion. Use over your heart, down your arms to your wrists and anywhere you feel heaviness in your body, calling forth the Emerald Ray of Compassion with a sacred mantra.

Labradorite Crystal

Ethically Sourced in Madagascar

A stone of transformation, your Labradorite will be intuitively chosen for you. A useful companion through change, it imparts strength and perseverance. Symbolizing both The Moon and The Sun, its protective qualities can aid you on your journey of ascension, offering you intuition and vitality along your path toward destiny, faith and harmonious action.

Goddess Provisions

Altar Cloth

Enrich your sacred space with this nature-loving indigo altarpiece. Handmade in Bali with earth magic using 100% organic plant-dyed fabric and crystal-infused Selenite ink, this cloth is perfect for wrapping your cards to protect them on the metaphysical and physical levels. Adorn your altar or hang your cloth as a calming, grounding tapestry.

Women Owned, Tree Free Paper

Journal (Fair Trade from Nepal)

Write, dream, reflect, manifest and share your gratitude. This beautiful journal is wrapped in a recycled sari silk cover and made from environmentally sustainable, tree-free, lokta paper. Keep it by your bedside or slip it into your bag for moments of inspiration on the go.

Begin new rituals.
Discover your Divine energy.

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want it all?

Combine our soul-enlightening 7-week series with the healing gifts of our self-care ritual box.

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Your investment has meaning.
The number 599 reveals:

‘Through unconditional love, I give Spirit permission to bring blessings and evoke transformation into my life, so that I may fulfill my sacred inner destiny.’

— 11.11 Oracle by Alana Fairchild

A message from our
Founder & CEO, Katie Fink

My why for birthing this series is my desire to share with you the life-altering wisdom that’s been imparted to me on my own healing journey. Awaken the Divine® connects you with many of the same teachers that led me to where I am today: a place of deep nourishment.

Here’s a glimpse into my story.

I was depleted — a broken body, foggy mind and disconnected soul. I prayed for a new path & received wisdom through teachers and guides showing up in my life with divine timing — when the student is ready, the teacher always appears. Through this journey, I learned to follow my InnHer voice toward a deeper truth: that integrity is worth more than acceptance.

As I shifted my priorities from my head to my heart, it wasn’t always comfortable. But the discomfort of growth was far more pleasurable than the staleness of stagnation. One by one, core elements of my life began to fall away: first my marriage and then leaving behind the hustle of corporate success to embrace a newfound flow and freedom. All of this felt at odds with society’s expectations of me and yet the depths of my being assured me that my inner guidance is true and wise and fully trustworthy.

Today I am deeply nourished by the knowledge that trusting my InnHer voice brings me the abundance that is my birthright.

I feel that I am truly living, and I embrace the InnHer call to light the path for you. As I live my mystical life co-created by my own design, I’m delighted to take you on your own journey to Awaken the Divine®, where you can weave all of your parts back together.

With love, K